Whenever a politician gets arrested for drunk driving, it always makes headlines. In the case of local politician being arrested for drunk driving, it becomes the talk of the town. For this reason, many politicians try to keep their arrest quiet, though it doesn’t usually work.
police-car-1515955However, according to a recent news article from AL.com, authorities have just confirmed that Birmingham City Council President Johnathan Austin was arrested on suspicion of DUI in Mountain Brook back in December of 2014. This is the first time the arrest has been made public. While Mountain Brook Police Department officials said it has a policy of turning over all arrest reports to the media whenever a request is a made, the department said nobody every made a request before now.
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With legalization of marijuana initiatives taking hold across the nation, lawmakers believe they are dealing with a new major challenge. The problem, they say, is if people are allowed to smoke marijuana for medical or even recreational purposes, they will also be free to drive when under the influence of the drug.

Of course, this is not true. Impaired driving is impaired driving, regardless of whether the substance is legally consumed.
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One thing that commonly happens when a person gets arrested for DUI for the first time is they do not realize the seriousness of the situation. This is usually a result of being given the wrong advice. Whether it is from another person arrested at the county detention center, the arresting officer, a local magistrate or someone else, defendants are often told if they simply accept responsibility, they could get avoid any additional jail time and put the matter behind them.
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We see many campaigns designed to curb drunk driving. These are often associated with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). The advocacy group has been lobbying across the country for tougher drunk driving penalties and a reduced legal limit for alcohol consumption for drivers.

It was MADD that initially pushed the national limit of 0.08 grams of ethanol (drinking alcohol) per hundred milliliters of blood. They way they did this was to get Congress to connect highway funding to a state’s decision to lower its respective legal limits to 0.08. This was also how MADD was able to get Congress to push for a national standard drinking age of 21, when it was previously 18 or even lower in some places.
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Officials in Birmingham are hoping the ride-sharing company Uber – and others like it – could help reduce the number of DUI arrests, crashes and related injuries and deaths in the city.

For those who have not been to a city where Uber is currently operating, a brief description of how the service works might be helpful. People can download an app the Uber company has created for their smartphones. Once you have an Uber account, you can add one or more credit cards into the system, so it is ready to use when needed.

When a person wants a ride home or to any other location, they can load the app and request a ride. The person usually has a choice of whether they want a traditional “black car” luxury sedan, like ones generally taken to the airport, a taxicab, or an UberX, which is late model privately-owned vehicle being driven by a person who has signed on to drive with Uber. Basically, when you request a ride, all nearby drivers have an opportunity to agree to pick you up and take you to your destination. The company handles all payments, including a tip, and you do not have to have any money in your pocket to pay the driver.

Additionally, every rider gets an opportunity to rate all drivers, and their vehicles must be new and clean. The price of the Uber ride is dependent upon traffic, how many people are using the system at one time and the type of vehicle a person requests. For example, a luxury SUV will cost more than an economy sedan.
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Drunk driving arrests that involve serious personal injury or death are punished more severely than DUI offenses in which there was no accident. While the conduct is the same – a person gets behind the wheel when intoxicated – the end result can have a serious effect on which criminal offenses are charged.
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While there have been several articles in recent news about college football players who have been arrested for DUI, the National Football League (NFL) is certainly not immune to the problem. It seems there is more going on than inflated footballs and domestic violence allegations, according to a recent news article from AL.com.

nightime-stadium-1563902.jpgAuthorities say San Francisco 49ers’ linebacker Aldon Smith was recently arrested for DUI and hit-and-run. The alleged offense occurred in Santa Clara, California and police were not officially saying what happened. Following this alleged incident, the San Francisco 49ers released Smith, and the team issued a statement saying that, while Smith is no longer a part of their team, they offer their continued support and concern for his health and well-being.
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To say college football is very popular in Alabama would be an understatement. Many residents live to watch and cheer for their beloved University of Alabama Crimson Tide. So when one of their star players gets arrested multiple times for driving under the influence (DUI), it’s big news.

football-game-1-1558128According to a recent news article from the Anniston Star, Geno Matias-Smith discussed his second arrest for drunk driving and how it has affected his life and his team. Last March was when his second DUI arrest occurred. Following this arrest, Matias-Smith said he knew he had to get his life back on track and earn back the trust of his teammates and the coaching staff.
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According to a recent news article from Sports Illustrated, Ryan O’Reilly, a center for the Buffalo Sabres in the National Hockey League (NHL), was recently charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI).

hockey-1-1251091.jpgThis DUI arrest occurred in Canada when O’Reilly was allegedly driving under the influence (DUI) of intoxicating alcohol in the Ontario Provence. The provincial police also charged him with fleeing the scene of an accident (hit-and-run). The DUI crash allegedly occurred around 4 a.m. when his pickup truck crashed into a commercial building. The business into which he allegedly crashed was a Tim Horton’s. Tim Horton’s is a doughnut and coffee chain, popular in Canada, that is beginning to open more stores in the United States.

Authorities say O’Reilly was arrested following a single-vehicle crash, after which he and an unknown number of occupants fled the scene of the accident on foot. Provincial police caught up with him on a nearby street. Provincial police say they gave him a breath test and determined he was over the legal limit of 0.08 grams of ethanol per hundred milliliters of blood.

Earlier this month, prior to his arrest, O’Reilly was acquired by the Buffalo Sabres from his previous team, the Colorado Avalanche, as part of a seven-year contract valued at $52 Million.
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There are tried and true anti-drunk driving campaigns and slogans we see year after year. For example, most of us have heard the slogans like “drive hammered, get nailed” or “sober or slammer” and other similar sounding messages the organization Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has created over the years to raise public awareness. You have also probably the seen the billboard featuring a suspect blowing into a roadside breath test (RBT) saying “you just blew $10,000” in reference to the cost of getting a drunk driving conviction.

bar.jpgHowever, from time-to-time, a state agency or non-profit tries to come up with a new campaign to convince people to stop drinking and driving. Sometimes, things do not go according to plan. According to a recent news article from WSMV, one anti-drunk driving campaign proved to be too controversial and had to be suspended.

This taxpayer-funded anti-drunk driving campaign based in Nashville, Tennessee has caused people to become upset. The campaign involved creating bar coasters and signs for bar and nightclub bathrooms. They contain messages about “buying a drink for a marginally good looking girl.” On the back of the coaster, it warns the reader that if he would do this, his judgment is impaired and so is his driving.
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